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The novelty of the Software Music Disc

Listen for free Italian rock songs with an innovative player software! Xnotika player is a unique audio software that embodies a real musical disc with an introspective and sharp taste.

Realized from the namesake Italian rock band, the Software contains rock songs to enjoy for free including text, photos and information, links to the Rock Band Official Website and a specific section for donations to the musical project.

It is a unique disc software in the history of the Web where through a software program it is possible to learn about a band much more in-depth than the simple mp3 or social media pages.

Alternative and more complete respect to the music download services and streaming like iTunes or Spotify , as well as programs for file sharing like eMule or uTorrent, Xnotika Player offers good and alternative music, in a complete and detailed way with added content and information for the listener.

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