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Web Pass Booster the password generator that uses phrases.

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Use secure passwords remembering simple sentences

WebPassBooster is a password generator for Windows that allows you to create secure passwords remembering short phrases or words.

All we have to do is insert the phrase from which we can generate the password and the password will be generated to the clipboard.

We could then paste and use it for everything wifi password, email password, passwords of websites, zip passwords.

First step to use the password generator

When you first start should choose before a general phrase and save it. According to our choice, this very important sentence will feature globally each password generation.

password generator - screen

Of course, our general phrase to be saved only once, but can be reset by requesting the reset generator from the "canc" button.

There will then be proposed to buy a special version of the generator containing the phrase general we have chosen encrypted within.

This special version of the generator has significant advantages in terms of safety, is anonymous, does not require installation, is transported in a pen drive and leaves no trace on the PC from where it is performed.

We will decide then whether to prompt for now say no, we test the generator, insert a simple word and press the button "generate".

Pressed, the generator will be reduced to an icon to leave the screen free, clipboard will find a password much more secure than those made by all the other generators of random passwords.

Considerations generated passwords

Each generated password has characteristics in particular, it never has repeated characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols in a row, a password is unattainable for all programs that uncover password!

Consider that password so perfect they may be created with simple words, it allows management of extreme flexibility and simplicity.

Maybe we can think of a plan of password generation using phrases such as site names, programs, short sentences related to the context of use of the same password, so very easy to remember.

Advanced options of password generator

The generator has many options designed to increase safety and performance let's see:

password generator - screen

The list of numbers to the left sets the minimum password length to 8 characters up to 32 or 64 with a special password symbols.

The "copy" allows us to copy to the clipboard to save our sentences, while the "canc" is the total reset of password generator that then we will require a new general phrase.

Clicking on the "load keyboard" is loaded against keyloggers on-screen keyboard and click on the "not use symbols" enables or disables the presence of special characters in passwords.

If the inscription "use triple-click" are disabled the clipboard to contain the generated password and the generated password will be written to triple-click of the left mouse button or by combining the ctrl + v, is indispensable in the sites where the paste function on the fields password is not accepted.

The list of languages on the right is automated, but if you do not come out the right language this can be set manually.

Try the password generator on this website, you will understand what it is worth anonymous request one with your encrypted general phrase.

Thank you for reading this guide WebPassBooster.

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