The Password Generator that is used with simple phrases or words

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Use secure passwords by remembering simple sentences

This application is a simple and powerful password generator for Windows that allows us to create secure passwords by remembering short sentences or words.

All we have to do is enter the sentence from which we want to generate the password and the password will be generated in the clipboard.

We could then paste it and use it for everything, WiFi password, email password, website password, archive password.

First use of the password generator

When we first start we should first select a general sentence and save it. According to our choice, this very important sentence will globally characterize every generation of passwords.

generator password - screen

Of course our general phrase should be saved only once, it must be preserved with extreme care, but it can also be reset by requesting reset of the generator from the "CANC" key.

Insert a simple word and press the generate key.

Press the button, the generator will reduce to an icon to leave the screen clear, in the clipboard we will find a password, much safer than those made by all other random password generators.

generator password - screen2

Characteristics of the generated passwords

Each password generated has unique characteristics, it never presents repeated characters, uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers or consecutive symbols, it is an unobtainable password for all those programs that seek to find passwords!

Considering that such perfect passwords can be created with simple words, allows us a management(control) of extreme flexibility and simplicity.

Example: if your generate from sentence "lucy" you will get like this in clipboard

Wd7Yc_PvX-1D%jCbH9JfUuQ#[email protected]

Maybe we could think of a password generation plan using phrases like names of places, programmes, in short - phrases related to the context of use of the same password - thus so easy to remember.

Advanced password generator options

The generator has many options designed to increase its safety and performance. Let's look at them:

generator password - screen2

The numerical list on the left sets the password length from minimum 8 characters up to a maximum of 32 or a special password of 64 characters containing also symbols.

The "COPY" button allows us to copy our sentences to the clipboard to save them, while the "cancel" button causes the total reset of the password generator, which therefore will require a new general sentence.

If the option "Use Triple Click" is selected, the boxes that contain the generated password are disabled and the generated password will only be written by triple clicking the left mouse button or by combining the ctrl + v keys, this is essential on sites where the paste function on password fields is not accepted.

By clicking on the word "Load Keyboard" the on-screen keyboard is invisible to Keyloggers (Hacker programs that open the keyboard) and a click on the word "Not Use Symbols" enables or disables the presence of special characters in the passwords.

The list of languages on the right is automated, but if you do not get the right language, you can set it manually.

To download the program click on "Pay and Download". At the end of the success of the PayPal payment procedure you will be redirected and the download page will appear.

Download Cost 4,99 eur


Windows Operating Systems supported